GeekGamers manages all your personal data extremely sensitive and responsible manner and follow all data privacy laws and regulations and the legislative requirements at EU level. Our privacy statement below shows how GeekGamers ensures the protection and security of all personal data in accordance with current legal provisions.

1. Personal data

1.1 Login data
The minimum information (nickname, email address and date of birth) when registering serves that GeekGamers as a network can work. The full benefits of the network can only be unfolds when each user of the network indicates his correct data. The user can only see the name of another user out of the login data. The email address and password remain confidential, are stored encrypted and only serve the administration of user accounts by GeekGamers.

1.2 Additional voluntary information
In your personal profile or by comments on any page or by uploading photos each user has many opportunities to make more information about themselves (e.g. gender, occupation, hobbies, play time, etc.). This information is all on a voluntary basis and they help to make it easier to come into contact with other users. Each user independently decides at its sole discretion which data they want to reveal and what not.

1.3 Settings
Under "Account" in the "Privacy Settings" tab the user can any time specify what information about him in his profile are visible to the public.

2. Use of user data by GeekGamers

The collection, storage, processing and use of the above in point 1 personal data referred to by GeekGamers is carried out in accordance with the statutory provisions. The data make it possible that GeekGamers as a social network can be maintained. Each user may set any number of own data and make it accessible to users or user groups in accordance with the user's own ideas. The data are exclusively to reach promotion for the structures of the social network. User data are therefore not used for other purposes.

3. GeekGamers doesn't share user data to third parties

There is no dissemination of personal user data to third parties. Exceptions are the express agreement and permission from the user or a legal obligation for data transfer. A consent may be revoked at any time by the user with effect for the future by simple notification (email, fax, letter).

4. Cookies

GeekGamers is using session cookies for authenticating user at login and to compensate the load of the server capacity from GeekGamers. The use of cookies is only to ensure the smooth operation of the serves and to improvement the offer from GeekGamers.

5. Security

GeekGamers always strives to maintain an adequate level of protection to the user upright as much as possible against viruses and unauthorized access to protect from outside GeekGamers. Nevertheless there is no absolute ensured protection against attacks. GeekGamers is not responsible for virus protection outside the network. GeekGamers is also not responsible for damage and destruction of data by unknown viruses. From GeekGamers discovered attack by hackers etc. will be civil and criminal tracked.

6. Modification or deletion of data

6.1 Changes
When a user changes his disclosures while deleting old data, this data is automatically deleted entirely.

6.2 Deletion
When a user deletes the account and finishes the membership on GeekGamers all personal data of this user are automatically and entirely deleted then. The deletion of an account can be carried out under "Account Settings" on

6.3 Residence time
After the deletion of the user data (eg by the user himself), it may be possible that the data are still available up to 72 hours because of caching systems and the interposition from a proxy server.

7. Compliance with and implementation of this Privacy Policy

GeekGamers is committed to comply with the standard specified in this privacy and future constantly working to improve data protection in the interest of all users from GeekGamers.

8. Change of the Privacy Statement

Since the GeekGamers platform is constantly expanding, and the legal framework repeatedly change, it may possibly be necessary to bring the privacy statement on a newer and truer level in the future. The current version of the GeekGamers privacy statement is available at any time in the footer of under "Privacy"