The TeamSpeak3 server from GeekGamers can be used for free by our Members and as well by guests. The necessary data and the nickname to be used are listed below. The disclosure of the access is allowed and encouraged!

TeamSpeak users with existing GeekGamers acccount can also be registrated on the server by one of the admins below. By registering you will receive the appropriate rights for the channels so you can edit the channel as you need and adapt it to the current situation. Registered users can create channels, edit and delete them, assign passwords for channels, place other users in a channel, and much more.


Server address:
Server password: no password

Nickname: If you already have an GeekGamers account, the TeamSpeak nickname should be identical to the GeekGamers Username to get the rights for the server. If you do not have an account you can login as a guest with any nickname.


TeamSpeak 3 Client

Server Admins

• Arit
• Diomedes

TeamSpeak Viewer